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Your wedding planner for weddings on Mallorca, in Barcelona, Germany and for destination weddings

With creative ideas, individual concepts, perfect organization and great attention to detail, I have been helping bridal couples to have exceptionally beautiful weddings as a wedding planner since 2009.

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Annika Wietzorke

I'm originally from Münster and studied fashion and design management at AMD in Düsseldorf. That's why I love fashion, design, interiors, art and everything that has to do with beautiful things and creativity.

After a few colorful years in the fashion industry, I suddenly became a wedding planner on a spontaneous whim and found my calling here, combining all the things that I enjoy and in which I can blossom, putting a smile on many people's faces.

In 2009 I started my own business as a wedding planner in Münster and the first weddings in Münster and the surrounding area soon turned into weddings all over North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany.

Over the years, I have planned so many different weddings for so many different people that I am now an absolute professional and am always happy to hear about new couples and requirements.

I moved to Barcelona in 2018 because I simply love the city: Barcelona is my city! I thrive here, soak up energy and let myself be inspired.

My apartment in Barcelona is my happy place, it's a great place to work and be creative.

From there, I continued to plan my weddings in Germany and familiarized myself with the Spanish market. Barcelona and the surrounding area, especially the Costa Brava, have great locations for weddings.

Here, too, I was able to organize fantastic weddings and I am pleased to be able to offer this to my clients with the corresponding experience.

I love the people around me here and that I can speak different languages every day. From old to young, I have been able to make a wide variety of friends here and enjoy the colorful bouquet of interesting people and their stories.

Here are a few impressions of what it looks like in my private life:

Doglover & Dog Mom

I have been a dog mom for 13 years and love dogs more than anything. My Nala is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who has accompanied me all her life. 2 years ago we adopted the little white dragon Falkor.

In love with travel

I love to travel, to be inspired again and again, to meet new people. Music, food, good wine, design, scents and hearing interesting stories from people who live a completely different life is life for me.

Last year I fell hopelessly in love with Marrakech. A dream from 1001 nights and also a wonderful destination for weddings.

We love what we do!

Annika Wietzorke and her team dedicate themselves to weddings and bridal couples with a lot of creativity, commitment and above all love. Hence the name true love weddings, because it is not only about the love of the customers, but also about our love for what we do and so it is especially important to us that our weddings are characterized by this and are a very special experience for each participant.

Our wedding planner philosophy

Cordial. individual. creative. professional.

Animals can show the word "love

Animal love

We all have dogs ourselves and love animals more than anything.

For some time now, we have therefore been supporting this organization in Morocco, which rescues animals with a lot of love and gives them a better life.

Be sure to check out their site and help give the animals a better life with a donation.


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