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Wedding planner Germany wide, mallorca & Barcelona, Spain

We love weddings and traveling. Therefore, we are available for weddings in and around Germany, such as Austria, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy and Greece and look forward to your request.

Our locations:

Mallorca, Cologne, Münster & Barcelona

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Mobile Germany: +49 163 7957898
Mobile Spain: +34 6866 61675

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E-mail: info@truelove-hochzeiten.de

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We look forward to your inquiry and to planning your wedding together. Tell us more about you so that we can get to know you better!


How long have you been working as a wedding planner?

What are the overall services you offer as a wedding planner?

I offer both the most booked option of the complete wedding planning from A to Z as well as partial planning, such as the location search or the service provider search for you. Basically, you can also book the wedding design as a partial service to make your wedding unforgettable for the eyes.

Already since 2009 I am a full-time wedding planner, started in the beautiful Münsterland, then throughout NRW, now Germany and Europe with a focus on getting married in Mallorca and Spain. With countless experience, but far more than 300 weddings, I could already fill books with beautiful moments and memories.

How long does it usually take to plan a wedding?

As a wedding planner, how do you work with couples?

It is best to always ask early, because it is always true in wedding planning: Who starts early, has the largest selection. This begins with the location and ends with the service providers. Personally, I always recommend planning one to 1.5 years in advance to start with me. Of course, everything can be done in a short time, but to make it pleasant for you, I prefer time. After all, it should be relaxed for you.

My claim is always to work very close to the bride and groom. We are always in exchange, in contact and we work together on your dream wedding. I take most of the work off your hands and you can sit back and relax. Everything you and your event need I will suggest and deliver. The entire process and coordination with the service providers I lead for you. Doesn't that sound like a relaxed wedding?

As a wedding planner, do you offer contingency planning?

How expensive is it to work with a wedding planner?

Of course! After more than 15 years I can't help it. In the past, everything has already come up and I can now proudly claim to have planned a wedding in just 3 weeks - as already described - this is only possible thanks to my professional and large network. So every emergency has the right help from me to still deliver perfection.

The work and budget of a wedding planner is not easy to answer so sweepingly. Do you only need small assistance, coaching or complete planning? So the effort and energy that a wedding experiences is always different in intensity. Basically I can say that my service is always very individual and not the same for any couple. For more detailed information please contact me.

Where do you organize weddings as a wedding planner?

As a wedding planner, do you organize the entire wedding?

I start with the date finding, the location search and then with the design process: Should it be a fairy tale wedding at the castle or a modern summer wedding on an island? Depending on the desire, colors, flowers and decoration suggestions are made here to perfect not only the planning, but also the design.

As a wedding planner, I am responsible for the entire organization of the wedding. This includes the entire service provider management, the arrangements with the locations and the daily schedule. I am in charge to make the actual day and the previous wedding planning as relaxed as possible for you. Through my experience and attention to detail make it possible for me to realize your dreams perfectly.

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